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Sex In The Champagne Room (Wedding Wreckers, #1) by Jenna Rain

Title:  Sex In The Champagne Room (Wedding Wreckers, #1)

AuthorJenna Rain
Genre:  Erotic Romance

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One night of passion could set her free...but will she ever see him


It's five days before my wedding to Nathan Bonaventure. He's

rich. He's handsome. He's also cold and calculating, and he wants a

trophy, not a wife. Thanks to my Aunt Cecily, I don't even get a say

in it.

My friends think having my bachelorette party at a strip club is a

great idea, but all I can think about is how miserable I'm going to

be for the rest of my life. Until he shows up. Phoenix, the star of the

show, is a blue-eyed god with a body to die for.

He's supposed to be entertaining the crowd. So why won't he take

those stunning eyes off me...and what's going to happen in the

champagne room?

About the Wedding Wrecks series: Sizzling, erotic novellas that

feature women on the verge of marrying Mr. Wrong--saved from

making the worst mistake of their lives through a steamy encounter

with Mr. Oh-So-Right.


They started to dance.

My mouth must’ve fallen open. If I screamed, I couldn’t hear

myself over the pounding music and the shouts of the spectators

as the men on stage shook and flowed, unbuttoning their jackets

without breaking stride. Drawing closer. I couldn’t take my eyes off

them—they were hypnotically sensual, and the fact that they were

obviously enjoying themselves only added to it.

The jackets came off, all at the same time. Tight tanktops

stretched over glistening, rippling muscle. I think I was drooling. I

barely registered Kari beside me, nudging and shouting, “Stand up,

girl! The view’s better up here!”

I was on my feet without thinking, just as three camouflage caps

went sailing in the air. The lead man’s gaze drew me instantly—eyes

a stunning blue, close-cropped dark hair, the face of a wicked angel.

I couldn’t stop looking at him.

And I had the weirdest feeling he was staring right back at me.

They reached the end of the runway. No shirts now, just pants

and combat boots. One started bumping and grinding around

the pole, another crouched near the crowd to the right, his arm

outstretched. From the dim soup of the crowd, someone was handing

him a folded chair. And Phoenix, the blue-eyed walking orgasm,

He grinned and held a hand out. My heart jumped into my throat

when I realized his intentions and I shook my head furiously, trying

to shove myself back into the masses.

But my friends wouldn’t let me escape.

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As I started reading this novella, I wasn't sure of what to expect.   I figured it would be a light, fun read about a night in an all-male strip club, friends having fun and then onwards to the wedding.   Well, it was that and more!

Jenna Rain threw in some twists and turns, a heavy topic was thrown in for good measure and handled with alot of tact (Bravo!)

The story-line was well-paced, brought several smirks to my face and had me going with several scenes.  (Hmmm.............I don't recall strip joints being like this!!!  Gotta find me some!!!)

As a novella, it was a fun read.  Entertaining and well-paced with enough sizzle from start to finish.

My Rating:   4 out of 5 Sizzle Stars

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