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My Real by Malloy Grant Blog Tour & Giveaway 01/07/14

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Shattered, betrayed, and divorced, Bailey James has been burned by the only man she’s ever loved. Bailey wants nothing more than to spend her summer off from teaching alone reading in her oversized pajamas and eating chocolate. Love is nowhere on her radar, until her best friend drags her out to celebrate her new bachelorette status. Humiliated, destroyed, and broken. Andrew Cooper is in search of something real. He's tired of living with a fake woman and her demands. However, his ex-wife won't let go and take the hint that he can no longer love a manipulative, cheating woman. Running into old college crush, Bailey James, has Andrew believing that he's finally found something real--something worth fighting for. Andrew needs to convince Bailey that they can be together and love happily ever after and break free from their broken pasts. But will his jealous ex-wife and Bailey's fear of revealing her secret ruin their chance for becoming each
other's real?


The bell rings.  He's early.  I look down at the white terry cloth robe I have wrapped around me with only my matching red lace lingerie under it.
I walk down the stairs and open the door for Andrew.
"Jeezus Bailey.  What’re you doing to me?" Andrew asks as he walks in, wraps his arms around me, and pulls me in for a kiss.  I can feel him start to untie the robe and then he puts his hands on my bare skin.
"We are going to be late for our dinner reservations if I don't go get dressed now."
"I can think of other things to do instead of going out to eat."
I step away from him, debating my options.  I give Andrew a sly smile and turn to go upstairs.  I can hear that he is following a few steps behind me.  I step up to my closet and pull out a pair of jeans, since that was what Andrew was wearing, and a baby doll T-shirt.  Andrew is standing in the doorway so I decide to put on a little show.  I take a deep breath for courage and drop the bathrobe to the floor at my feet and glance over my shoulder.  
Andrew's hands are on the doorjamb and his knuckles are turning white but he doesn’t move from his spot.  He is just there to watch me dress.
That is so hot.
I bend at my hips and step into my jeans and very slowly pulled up my jeans until they were just over my bottom.  I turn to face him and cock my hip to the side.  He has one hand on his hardness.  I take the black t-shirt and put it on my arms and lift them both over my head so the shirt slides down my arms.  I slide my hand down my arm, then slowly down my side, then back up to pull the shirt into place.  Finally, I step into my sandals while zipping my jeans, grab my sweater, and give Andrew a huge smile.
"I'm ready.”

Meet the Author
Mallory Grant is a wife, mother of two, an avid reader, and educator. She's from a small town in Pennsylvania and likes to pretend she's a runner but really only likes to wear yoga pants and only runs when the chocolate starts to hit her thighs.

20 Fun Facts about Malloy:

1. I'm an elementary teacher.
2. My first job was a pooper scooper in a pet store when I was 14.
3. I am a HORRIBLE speller.... just ask my editor :)
4. I hate coffee.
5. I have a small Apple product addiction. I am in counseling.
6. My favorite word EVER is onomatopoeia. Zip, Zoom, Splash!
7. I had to look up onomatopoeia in the dictionary for the correct spelling.
8. I am painfully shy when meeting new people.
9. I drink an obscene amount of milk.
10. I hide the good junk food from my husband and children.
11. I married my high school sweet heart that I actually had a crush on much longer than that.
12. I love my husband dearly but if Channing Tatum ever becomes available..... I'm just saying.
13 Anything can be fixed by chocolate.
14. My Real is the first thing I've ever written outside of academic papers.
15. I once bet my dad that I could eat 18 Oreos in 5 minutes for the right to never have to eat spinach again. Sadly, I lost.
16. I never watch live TV. I DVR everything so I can fast forward though the commercials.
17. I only watch baseball for the cute men.
18. I hated everything about high school and have not been to any of my reunions.
19. I like to pretend I'm the boss but my children totally know they are in charge in our house.
20. Did I mention I have a small obsession with chocolate.

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