Tuesday, February 28, 2017

My review ........... Shattered: A Bad Boy Romance (Insatiable #2) by Ashton Blackthorne 02/28/17

Shattered: A Bad Boy Romance (Insatiable Book 2)Shattered: A Bad Boy Romance by Ashton Blackthorne
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

As the second book in the trilogy picks up, readers assume that things will start looking up for the elusive, bad-boy Alpha, Ashton Blackthorne. Really? It's never that easy and as a reader, it would be boring if it was.

Pieces of the puzzle start unfolding, but the twists are ever-present. Will Ashton find his inner peace? Will the walls that he's put up come tumbling down now that he's tasted "love"?

Ashton Blackthorne's penmanship is pleasing to the eye and to the soul.

Shattered had me feeling certain emotions which I keep tapped down and that alone was a pleasing surprise. Usually I don't feel pity for a strong male character, but I felt it.

Looking forward to the 3rd installment of this trilogy.

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