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RE: [Fire and Ice Book Tours] Book Tour: Phase One: Identify by Rose Wynters (Territory Of The Dead, Book 1) & Giveaway 10/23

Phase One: Identify (Book 1, Territory Of The Dead) by Rose Wynters Media Kit

Virtual Tour Dates: 10/17/13 to 10/31/13

Genres: Dark Urban Fantasy, Dystopian, Zombies

Tour Host:  Fire and Ice Book Tours


A letter found on the clear glass case of the only gun shop in Pleasant, LA


My name is Tabitha Alexanders. Congratulations. If you're reading this letter, you're one

of the survivors from the zombie apocalypse. Take care, or you won't last for long.

I'm 18 and just graduated this year. I didn't get to enjoy it, though. I was working at the

grocery store as a checkout girl when the first body slammed against the clear glass. I'll

never forget the fear that washed over me at the sight of his red, hungry eyes. That night

marked the loss of my innocence.... And my freedom.

Now my life is something different. No longer can we take the basic things like safety

and food for granted, not to mention our lives. The zombies destroyed our entire town

that first night, including the family of the college guy I had a crush on in the past. We

were able to save him, but he's not the same. He's different, but so am I.

Our numbers are extremely small, but the humans have united. A new group of

survivors is emerging in this nightmarish world.... And we aren't afraid to fight dirty if it

ensures our survival.

We had to leave Pleasant in order to save our lives. We barely made it out alive. These

zombies are entirely different than the way I'd always seen on television. They are fast,

preternaturally strong, and even aware. They used that awareness to discover our small

group of survivors hidden within our home. If it wasn't for Kellan we'd be dead right

now, wandering the streets of Pleasant.

Kellan is something completely different than any man I've ever seen before. He's too

powerful and too controlled to ever be anything like the average male. I can't explain

him, but I'm glad he's on our side. Heaven help us all if he ever decides we're not worth

the effort.

He's taken us to his home outside of town, if the massive fortress can be considered that.

It's large enough for many more than us, self-sustaining should we be forced to remain

beyond the high fence. There's something strange about the way he was so prepared

for the zombie apocalypse, but it's not my place to question it. I've learned that Kellan

doesn't enjoy questions, and he doesn't want anybody getting too close.

I'm leaving a handwritten map here in the hopes that there is still someone alive in

this town to find it. God, I hope you are. It feels like we're the only ones left, and it's


Tabitha Alexander

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The reporter looked to be somewhere around his early 30's. His handsome face was

pale and drawn, his expression frantic. It was soon apparent he wasn't working from any

type of script, as he addressed the viewers that were watching. “The police department is

urging residents to stay inside and lock your doors, and stay away from what people are

classifying as zombies.”

Somebody cried out loudly in the background, but the reporter continued, “Police

have no idea what what the death toll is. Numerous attacks have been reported. Do not

get close to anyone that appears to be injured in anyway.”

A woman moved in front of the camera, pushing the reporter out of the way with her

body, before grabbing the microphone from his slack grip. Her face was pale, but her

dark eyes were filled with determination as she stared into the lens. She got right to the


“Don't let this reporter sugarcoat this with his evasions. There are dead people

walking out there, and they are fast, deadly, and supernaturally strong. There is a name

for them, one we've heard before but thought was only fiction. These dead people are

zombies, and they don't care about nothing but getting their teeth into your flesh.”

The reporter tried to grab the microphone back, but she shot him a deadly look.

“You're not getting this till I'm done,” she told him in a firm voice. “I'm not gonna stand

by while you get your five seconds of fame and leave these innocent people out there to

die. People deserve to know what they are up against, and how to protect themselves.

Now back off.” Surprisingly, he stood still and listened.

She turned back to the camera. “I know there are some of you out there that don't

believe in this. You wanna box it all up, neat and tidy-like, and believe that there must

be some rational explanation for this, and come morning it will all be gone. If you

believe that though, you're going to find yourself dead before the sun ever hits the sky


She leaned into the camera, and I felt as if she were talking directly to me. “For those

of you that want to live though, listen and listen well. These zombies aren't the slow,

dumb creatures we have all seen on film. These zombies are fast, faster than we are. The

more they eat, the stronger they seem to get. The ones I have seen tonight have red eyes

as well. The only way to kill them is by shooting them in the head or cutting their head


“I object to that,” the reporter broke in, his voice loud enough for us to hear him.

He shook his head at the woman, his expression angry. “I simply can't tolerate you

suggesting to viewers to go out and murder these people. We don't know what's wrong

with them, maybe they are just ill.”

She looked back at him in disbelief. “So how many people have you ate the last

time you felt ill, Mr. big time, know-it-all reporter? I'll tell you what. Since you're so

concerned with saving the zombies that wouldn't think twice about killing you, why

don't you go out there and show us what you've got? I'm sure your cameraman here

would be only to happy to film you through the window when you become dinner.”

The reporter smirked at her before eying her with disdain. “What makes you such an


She ignored him, turning her attention back to the viewers. “If you're still alive and

hearing this, I beg you to listen. I've never seen anything like this before. Tonight I lost

my whole family to these animals. If you want to stay alive, be cautious.

Don't go out unarmed, and don't go out alone. If it's safe, try to make it to the police

station. These zombies are everywhere now, and I guarantee the dead are outnumbering

the living. Try to not join their ranks.”

She turned back to the reporter, holding out the microphone. “I'm not an expert, I'm a

survivor. I hope you can learn how to be one yourself.”

With that, she turned and walked away.





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Rose Wynters is the paranormal romance author of six books and three series, including

the bestselling series, Wolf Town Guardians.

When not writing about hot, alpha characters and unique heroines, she enjoys pulling

her head out of the fantasy world by traveling, camping, and experiencing new


A lifelong fan of both the paranormal and romance, she loves developing plots that

combine these into sizzling hot reads with an exciting, sexy hero.

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