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Title:  The Rocker That Loves Me (The Rocker, #4)

Author:  Terri Anne Browning

Genre:  New Adult Romance

Release Date:  September 28, 2013

Tour Host:  The SubClub Books


I was the fun loving, easy going, different girl—okay, different girls every night—Demon. One look into a pair of violet eyes and all of that changed. She doesn’t even realize how beautiful she is and that makes me want her even more. Realizing that she is just as damaged as I am breaks my heart. Harper is a part of me, my other half. If only she would open her incredible eyes and see how I feel… The Beauty… I knew that I wasn’t Shane Stevenson’s type. Hot rockers don’t go for plain girls like me. Years of my mother telling me just how unbeautiful I am has assured me of that. I have nothing to offer a guy that is so used to hot girls drooling over him. So why is he always there when I turn around? And why does it feel like little needles piercing my heart at the mere thought of him with someone else?


Harper's POV

He moved so fast I didn’t have time to react. His fingers tightened around my elbow and pulled my body against his. My small breasts were crushed against his hard chest, and I gasped as his head lowered and he captured my lips. My entire body suddenly felt as if it had been set afire. I moaned, unable to stop the small whimper as it left my slightly parted lips.

He released my elbow, his hands stroking over my body, molding me to him. They came to rest over my hips, pulling me even closer. Those strong fingers gripped my ass through the thin material of my skirt and panties, holding me hard against his lower body. There was no way I could avoid the evidence of his arousal as it pulsed against my stomach. His lips were soft, his tongue hot as it skimmed across my bottom lip in a silent command to open my mouth for him.

When I let him in he groaned, his tongue tangling with my own. My nails dug into his back, holding on to him as I tried to keep up with the kiss. I had no experience with kissing, with anything sex related! But dammit, I was learning fast and liking every second of it. He tasted good, like some exotic honey or nectar. I sucked on his tongue, wanting more of that sinfully sweet taste.

I wasn’t ready for it to be over when he relaxed his hold on my ass enough to move half a step back. Slowly, he ended the kiss, his lips lingering for just a moment longer before raising his head a few inches. “I wanted to do that last night but didn’t want anyone to see our first kiss.”

“That was my first kiss…ever,” I whispered

Shane's POV

“Still scared?” she murmured, tracing her nails up and down the length of my stiff shaft.

Reaching out, I cupped her beautiful face. “Terrified,” I assured her with complete sincerity.

I flipped Harper onto her back. We fit just as I knew we would—perfectly. The way she spread her legs for me, so trusting. My cock fit like a missing puzzle piece against her. The way those incredible breasts pushed against my chest. She was my other half, and I was going to show her just how perfect we were for each other.

 I wanted to tell her. The need to make promises that I intended to keep to my last breath was almost overwhelming. I knew she wasn’t ready to hear them. So I showed her instead.

  Harper's POV

  “I’m yours, Harper. And you are mine.”

  I blinked, unable to understand his words at first. “What?”

“I belong to you. Tell me you know that.”

My breath felt like it was trapped in my lungs all of a sudden. “Shane… I…”

 “I love you, baby.”

 Tears burnt my eyes and I quickly blinked them away. “Don’t say that.”

“Why not?” he asked softly.

“Because… Because…” I broke off, not completely sure why he shouldn’t say those words to me. “Because I want to believe you.”

  Shane's POV

  Axton threw his arm around my shoulders as he and the old man stood, and we followed Drake toward the exit. “Let’s get into something we shouldn’t tonight.”

  Normally the offer would hold serious appeal to me. I would even have told Ax to blow off work and we would have found a local sex club and had some fun with a few chicks for the rest of the day. But even as the thought of my typical fun time crossed my mind, a pair of violet eyes eviscerated the images.

“Nah, man,” I told my friend as we left the audition room, “I have plans.”

 Axton stopped and felt my forehead. “Dude, you okay?”

 I laughed and pushed his hand away. “I’m cool, man. Just got someone I’m playing with lined up.”

 “Ah!” Axton grinned. “Well, let me know how she is. I might want a ride or two when you finish with her.”

The thought of Axton, one of my closet friends outside of my band brothers, touching Harper made my vision blurry for a moment. I clenched my jaw. “No way! You are staying the fuck away from Harper.”

A pierced brow rose at the vehemence in my tone. “Okay, dude. Chill out. Haven’t even met the chick. She’s all yours.”

 “Damn right. She’s mine.”


Hated school and reading until her aunt handed over her first romance novel at the age of

twelve, as crazy aunts tend to do. It gave her a passion for the written word that has only

increased over the years. At sixteen she started writing her own novellas, forcing her sister to

be her one woman fan club. Now she has a few more fans and a lot more passion for writing.

Reese: A Safe Haven Novella was her first Indie published book. The Rocker That Holds Me

changed the tables and kicked off The Rocker… series featuring the sinfully delicious members

of Demon’s Wings. Terri Anne lives just outside of Birmingham, AL with her husband and three


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Diving into this book (even though I hadn't read the first three books) was easy and pretty much smooth sailing.  I enjoyed the flow of the story, the story-line was easy to follow and Shane and Harper's POV'S helped tremendously (I am not a POV fan, by the way.)

As I was reading this story, I reflected upon my Rocker/Bad Boy crushes and made the story that much more interesting.  I kept telling myself..........."Harper is a lucky "B" "; "Things like this don't usually happen, or do they?"   It made me smile and the chemistry between Shane and Harper was touching.  


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